The skill sessions are designed to improve your strength, power, coordination, balance, flexibility, and also to prepare you for that day's WOD.

Sports Team Training

Enhance your athletic prowess by working with a coach at Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning. Our sports team trainers have more than 15 years of experience in the field!


Interested in training with Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning? We offer a number of classes seven days a week! Click or call to learn more.

Train Your Body to Tackle Any Challenge

Take CrossFit classes in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Ready to discover a fitter, better you? Stop exercising—start training with the team at Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning. We offer CrossFit classes that focus on performing a variety of functional movements at a high intensity. Our CrossFit coaches will help you accomplish all of your fitness goals and push you to new heights. Whether you want to increase your upper body strength or push yourself to finish an intense physical challenge, you can count on the team at Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning to get you where you want to be.

Call Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning at 269-359-7099 to start your training.

Experience our comprehensive physical training program

Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning offers a variety of workouts every day that are designed to test your stamina, skills and strength. Our facility will present you with a new set of challenges each day, using equipment like:

Pull-up bars
Kettle bells
Gymnastics equipment

See what’s in store for you by visiting Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning for a CrossFit session.

Work with the professional trainers at Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning

No matter your age, body type or skill set, you’ll find a trainer that can work with you at Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our CrossFit coaches have the capability to train anyone! You can choose to train privately, with a group or in semi-private gym classes. No matter what your fitness goals may be, our trainers will work with you to help you accomplish them.

See what we can do for you at our gym. Stop by Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning today!

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