4 Tips to Keeping Your New Years Resolution

Research says you’re 10x more likely to solidify a change in behavior by making a New Years Resolution vs if you didn’t make a start-of-the-year vow. TEN TIMES. Not too shabby. Seems like you’re off to a great START. In order to achieve goals/change, we have to set GOALS and identify our desired change. Nearly 45% percent of American adults ring in the New Year with a resolution. But, how many will succeed…?

Statistics show – HALF will quit within the first six months. I want to keep you in the other half. Here are 4 simple tips to help you achieve positive change this 2018.


Be Specific

Vague goals won’t work. “You’ve got to develop a specific action plan for change,” says John Norcross, Ph.D., coauthor of Changeology: 5 Steps to Realizing Your Goals and Resolutions. If you want to lose weight, target a precise number of pounds to shed, then set concrete mini-goals and the dates on which you aim to accomplish each of them.

We have goals board for this very reason. Once it’s written down and others can see it, there’s accountability present. It’s very REAL. Sharing with friends and community members can also offer support when you’re wavering and encouragement when you’re doing well at sticking to your resolution.

Substitute Good Behaviors for “Bad”

Don’t rely on willpower alone to help you change. That approach won’t work. Instead, build in a healthy behavior that’s incompatible with the one you want to change. So instead of eating your usual sweet treat during a noon craving, put together a small like-minded group and commit to taking a quick, brisk walk. Each time you put the brakes on “bad” behavior, you’ll increase your confidence in your ability to make the change.

Track Your Progress

Record or chart your improvements and changes. Just like we use a tracking system for our physical progress through Wodify. It can get discouraging when you still feel miles away from a goal but, tracking progress allows you to see that you are indeed on the right track and progressing towards that ultimate goal.