Josh Hollin: “I weighed 350lbs and I was super intimidated by CrossFit”

I first heard of CrossFit when I started experimenting with the paleo diet, back in 2012. At that time, I weighed 350lbs and I was super intimidated by CrossFit and never thought I would actually end up doing it…


Fast forward three years later to 2015. I was able to lose over 50lbs just by including some mild physical activity and improved eating habits (270lbs). It was then that I was reintroduced to CrossFit over conversation with my cousins at a family reunion. Discussion turned into action. I looked up CrossFit gyms in my area and found CrossFit 269. Immediately, I thought KSAC/CrossFit 269 was the right fit for me. My first day of class I was definitely super nervous. Entering the room I was overcome with emotion: eager, nervous, excitement… and at the end of the class, I felt great and was already looking forward to the next workout. CrossFit 269 felt like I was at home and that feeling hasn’t changed after 3 years. I was well on my way towards my goals but, I still needed a little help.

A year and a half into Crossfit I realized I needed to dial in my nutrition. Working out wasn’t enough, I needed to learn to eat right, too. I got recommended to a Whole30 Challenge, by Alex Z. In addition to joining CrossFit, accepting the challenge of Whole30 was a pivotal decision. I learned more about how to properly balance my nutrition and eating habits; I felt much better inside and outside the gym and I ended up losing an additional 60lbs. That’s a grand total of 140lbs since my initial steps of CrossFit and guided nutrition, in 2012.


Since beginning CrossFit 2015 I’ve done 3 competitions, 1 weightlifting seminar, earned an Olympic weightlifting coaching certification, completed a Goruck TOUGH challenge, completed the Kal-Haven Trail Ruck (35mi) and gained a bunch of amazing friends. For the future I plan to carry on my healthy lifestyle, striving towards my next set of health goals of weighing under 200lbs, and continuing my education while sharing my experience with others by getting a CrossFit Level1 certification. Also, looking back I regret not joining CrossFit sooner, even though it was intimidating I could have definitely joined when I was at my heaviest.




The Story of: Josh Hollin. (JM)