More isn’t Better, Better is Better

The phrase seems so obvious, cliche even. Of course better is better, how could anyone mistake that point. Yet amazingly, I see it nearly every day. Given the setting of this blog, one would assume I’m referring to specifically to training / fitness and one would be partially correct in that assumption. The aforementioned statement is referencing training and exercise however, its potential offers a far greater reach.


Instagram!! Hell yeah, instagram athletes are amazing. They post inspirational photos of their incredible abs, huge lift PRs and endless MetCons. So, what’s wrong with some daily motivation? The photos and the messages are taken entirely out of context. Many of these “athletes” just savagely repeat intense metcons with no direction, flaunting their scantily dressed bodies and haven’t seen any kind of health or performance progression in months. They use motivational posts, slapped beneath their naked bodies and rippling muscles to inspire you to “thank God” while doing Fran for the 100th time this year. HELL YEAH, FITNESS. It’s one one of the biggest problems I have with online fitness community. What exactly are they proving or promoting? Fitness and health are a progression, we talk about this often at Kalamazoo Strength and Conditioning. I respect the fact that many of us want to lose weight but, the true goal is losing weight – TO BE HEALTHIER. HEALTH is the goal. If not health, possibly performance. But, I can assure you, with endless studies and research, that laying waste to your body through “cool insta-metcons” won’t progress you as an adapted athlete. Seeing that Jacob Heppner did 300 wallballs, a 4 mile burden run and 100 MUs for time doesn’t show the context – that’s only PART of his training. It’s the cool, instagrammable part of the training. Too often athletes come into the gym looking to do more and more and more… MORE isn’t the answer to progress. Direction, purpose and QUALITY is the answer. Repeated exposure, in a progressive regime is how we CONDITION ourselves, therefore, see performance based results. Training HAM on random WODs will get you tired, increase risk of injury through overuse and lack of balance, and eventually cause a progression plateau of strength and conditioning results. Do you actually want to improve or do you have an exercise addiction?


This statement is equally more true outside of the fitness world. My favorite example is tangible items. Let’s use clothing for example. An abundance of shirts, of random colors, quality and fit vs. a manageable, well-curated, quality brand selection of clothing. Which brings you more happiness? More functionality, more practicality, more resolve? It’s a very simple idea, are you shopping to shop or are you shopping because you NEED clothing. If you need clothing, invest and progress. Otherwise, you just have a shopping addiction. It’s the equivalent of comparing brands like Forever 21 vs Tiffany & Co. People regularly tell me they can’t afford the nice stuff so they buy the cheap stuff but, it’s doesn’t last… you spend $20/mo forever, rather than investing $100 in something that will last you years. In my opinion, you can’t afford NOT to invest in quality.


More is not better, better is better. The simple rephrasing of “quality > quantity.” Good reps > bad reps. Stop doing, spending, buying more just to have “more.” WTF is more doing for you? Invest in yourself – in your movement, your health, your clothing, your food, invest in your LIFE.