Creatine: The Verdict

Creatine is a steroid, right? Makes you huge and results in all these gainz but, also might make you fat and bloated and like, it’s risky… really risky, right?

NONE of the above is true, with the single exception that it WILL help with your gainz. Actually, it will also help with a lot more than just your gainz, like recovery, muscle growth, and brain health!?!?

There are countless stigmas and rumors surrounding this relatively simple and extremely safe supplement. Let’s get down a couple of facts:

  • All Natural – creatine is a combination of amino acids produced by/in the body. It’s naturally found in our muscles and is consumed in red meat and fish, though at far lower levels than in the powdered supplement form. (You’d need to eat about 2lbs of meat to get the suggested 5mg dose)
  • STRENGTH – Overwhelming data has shown that when coupled with resistance training, overall strength increases by nearly 10%. Those looking to rep it out, it also boosts non-max exercise reps by almost 15%!!! GAINZ
  • SPEED – Step aside meatheads… sprinters, not only will you see your speed increase, you’ll also be able to recover faster, allowing you to keep running at a higher intensity for more sets.
  • It PREVENTS cramps – A study showed that college football players taking creatine were LESS likely to cramp than those not taking.
  • Brain Food – Studies show creatine has improved cortical damage (protection) in patience with brain trauma!
  • Increases Memory – Creatine has been shown to improve neurocognitive benefits, as well as spatial learning and memory.

In summary, we have hard facts and evidence proving that creatine indeed, can make you smarter, stronger, and faster. Do some research on quality, stick to powder form and stick to the monohydrate. Avoid the pre-mixed “drinks” that lessen effects and extend shelf-life. ENJOY THE GAINS!