Taking time to disconnect and enjoy a delicious croissant and coffee with my lovely wife, on our last getaway.

I’m so busy…

“Hey, how was your weekend”

“Oh man, I was so busy”

“Right on, better than the opposite though, amiright?”

We wear “busy” like a badge of honor, today. Bragging that we’re so overwhelmed with work and chores and business that we hardly have time to balance our own sanity, let alone allow time for play or personal time.


First of all, being busy is a choice. It’s called prioritizing. You’re BUSY doing the things that matter the most to you and you’re TOO BUSY for the things you don’t care as much about. Here’s an example…

“Hi, would you like to get together this weekend?”

“I’ll have to check my schedule, I’m pretty busy.”

What the responder is saying is, I need to see what else is going on and determine if it’s better than hanging out, together. He/She is prioritizing their possibilities. And that’s ok! That’s totally human, logical and rational. You SHOULD make time for the things you want to do most but, you shouldn’t lie to yourself or others about it. That’s the problem.

When people are “too busy to make it to the gym” what they’re saying is that they’re personal health isn’t as important as X, Y, Z – to them. Be honest. Let that sink in.


What are you busy with? Work? Well, time spent Actually working at work is a lot different than time spent at work. In fact, the average person spends about 3 hours working productively, out of an 8 hr work day. Yup. THREE. HOURS. And that’s ok. You’re not always inspired, driven, attentive… no one is ON for 8 hours straight, fully-devoted to one single task. I’m just proving a point.

What else are we busy with? Taking kids to soccer – a choice (to allow them to play and to be the chauffeur), the gym – a choice to prioritize health, a movie night – choice to go to a movie rather than hangout with someone else… Again, I’m not saying RIGHT / WRONG but, you’re busy because you choose to be, with what you choose to be busy with. This brings full-circle the value of prioritizing. Making sure you MAKE time for the ones and the things we love most. Not being “too busy” for the things that matter most.


Here lies the question of “What is important to you?” Stemming from that questions, do your time, efforts and emotions reflect that? Are you water the grass you want to grow? Or are you making excuses, being “too busy?” If you tell me that your husband or wife is your number one priority but, you work 70 hours a week, sleep 50 hours, eat 20 hours, you’ve left 20 hours a week for your supposed number one priority… sounds like your life needs some adjustment. Now I understand we all need to eat, work and sleep and that’s why I chose those platforms. Finding a way to MAKE time for the other person needs to be a priority. Cutting time from other, less important areas.

When I trained for and achieved my goal of qualifying for the CrossFit Games Regional competition, I made it my number priority. I missed date nights with my wife, I skipped after parties while on tour, I passed on going out for beers with friends… Every decision I made was predicated on qualifying for Regionals; eating, sleeping, training, recovery… I wasn’t “too busy” to hang out with friends, I wanted to go to Regionals MORE than I wanted to hang out. I never lied to anyone about that. Prioritizing is part of being an adult. Making weighted decisions with consequences attached. Every day I’m thankful for friends and family who have loved and supported me for always being honest with them and myself – I set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. True friends, true relationships and true love will understand, as long as their not taken advantage of. Be mindful of the balance.

Don’t ever tell me your “too busy.” Just be honest with yourself and with me, “I have better more important obligations going on.” That’s the reality. You’re not busy.