Chiropractic and CrossFit – GUEST POST**


For those who don’t know us, my name is Steve Antoniotti and my lovely wife is Kate Antoniotti.  We have a 23 month old son, Leo, who proves to be my own personal “CrossFit Home Gym”: Chasing him (200 yard dash) and throwing him as high in the air (wall balls) as Kate allows.  We moved to Kalamazoo in December of 2013 during the winter that seemed to stay below zero degrees for weeks on end.  Within a few days, we joined KSAC (when it was still just called CrossFit 269) and instantly fell in love…Kate is probably rolling her eyes at my aggressive use of “love” but I felt it was appropriate.

With regards to our business, Antoniotti Chiropractic has been family owned since 1964.  I’m the 13th (4th generation) Chiropractor in the family so you could say it’s in my blood.  My grandfather started the practice on the east side of Kalamazoo in 1964, my uncle took it over in 1979, moved it to our current location (Westnedge just south of Howard) in 1991, and we bought it in early 2014.  Having just celebrated four years in town, we couldn’t be happier.

Back to CrossFit, both our journeys to this wonderful sport started in Indianapolis with every intent to prove Greg Glassman and Dave Castro infinitely wrong.  As Chiropractors…For those who don’t know exactly what we “do”, think of us as experts of body movement and biomechanics (specifically the spine)…We were under the impression CrossFit was an abomination.  We had heard the worst about this ballistic Olympic lifting type workout and believed every word.  To be honest, my goal for joining was to prove our beliefs right once-and-for-all and walk out of the gym with my nose high in the sky.  Needless to say, our pre-conceived notions couldn’t have been further from the truth.  We instantly realized how incorrect we were and immediately implemented CrossFit into our daily lives. 

Why did we decide to sponsor WEEK 1 of The 2018 CrossFit Open?  Simple, we firmly believe in CrossFit and have an even stronger affirmation for this gym.  Jack (previous owner some may not know) and now Josh are top notch, only having the best of intentions for their members.  The coaches running classes and improving each and every movement are second-to-none.  Finally, the community of KSAC cannot be duplicated, meaning this “cult” (as some of my friends may call it) is a second family to us.

To those who have signed up to compete in The Open (and even to those who have not) HAVE A BLAST!  This will be some of most fun five weeks of the year.  My only ask…WARNING, Chiropractic PSA…Be safe.  If you have to scale a workout, scale it.  If you have to sit back and evaluate what movements are best for your health, do so in accordance with your personal goals.  If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to use our amazing coaches.  Finally, USE Kate or me to bounce ALL thoughts / ideas.  You are our family and we are here to help.

Enough blabbing…Now go kick some A$$!


Steve, Kate, & Leo Antoniotti