Gold, Silver, or Bronze (Coach Giff)

What you TOLERATE for is what you END UP WITH.  If you settle for good enough that is what you will get.  Reaching beyond what you think you are capable of and not being settled will get you your gold.  That is when barriers are broken and goals are met. This is where a group effort pushing you is so important.


The Gold Silver and Bronze are not medals received when won, they are versions of yourself which you can accept or improve upon.  There was a bronze version of me, but this was without the proper pressure and effort devoted to certain areas in my life.  I have realized that when you are in a pressure cooker and you empty the tank, it fills back up.  Exercise may make you less tired after your body acclimates to “sore-life”.  This is the fitness wellness continuum, to be discussed in a future blog on functional fitness.

In emptying the tank to become the new bronze version of myself, I have rediscovered a passion for health and fitness which had all but disappeared.  It is never too late to become the best you.  The time will go by regardless of what you do, why not throw some heavy barbells, do some gymnastics and run while we can.  Will you find yourself collecting the bronze, silver or Gold – when you are done?

Remember to ENJOY all the things you ARE capable of not the things you can’t do, and GTFOside.