Know It All

You don’t know everything. You can’t control everything. Unfortunately, most of us waste time worrying about the things we can’t control and spend very little time controlling the things we can – like our perspective and our reaction(s).

As a young man in pursuit of life, love and career, I felt like I needed to know it all. Proving myself was imperative and knowing the answer to any and all questions made me valuable. I was very sure of myself, my information and my knowledge. The older and more experience I get, the less sure I am, about anything. When we’re in the rat race of _____ (Whatever you’re chasing at the moment) uncertainty seems like a weakness. Most of us are afraid to ask questions, even if it’s questioning ourselves or our own beliefs. But, questions are how we learn, and how we strengthen our already existing beliefs. If you’re confident, you should be able to prove your answer against the strongest of defenses, all while knowing, it’s not a competition, it’s an opportunity. Debates, questions, and conversation is an opportunity to LEARN. Even if you’re right. It’s a chance to see where others are coming from, learn what fallacies exist and why, and also learn how to help others, rather than one-upping them with a piece of information you more than likely just read somewhere – you didn’t scientifically prove yourself.

Having the patience, courage and wisdom to ask questions and view the world with a genuine curiosity will lead you through a life of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Taking the chance to ask questions, including to yourself – the hard questions that are really scary, is an opportunity to grow.

One of my greatest enjoyments each day is asking people questions I genuinely want to know the answer to. Sometimes simple questions like “how’s your day?”

I look forward to an actual, thoughtful answer. I don’t eagerly await “good and yours?”

This is a courteous pleasantry and while I appreciate it, I’d like to see the other person stop, reflect internally and ask themselves, how IS their day?

I also enjoy more in depth questions specific to my business, such as:

“Why do you think you should eat keto?”

“Why do you want to be an athlete”

“What is your favorite local business and why?”

These are questions that allow discussion, education and growth. Don’t avoid these, embrace them.

Be open-minded and willing to learn – even if all you’re learning is that your counterpart knows very little – that’s ok! At least you’re learning.


I’ll end this with a great quote that I have carried with me for nearly 5 years.

A wise old person says to a younger counterpart… “I wish I was half as sure about anything, as you seem to be about everything”