May 7, 2018: “Ego”



Back Squat




What does “check your ego” in reference to our gym mean? It seems obvious that it discourages cocky demeanors, belittling others, and walking around aggresively, strutting yourself and letting the world know how great you are, but what else? How does it apply to EVERYONE?

Remember when you signed up and we talked about your “why”? Are you here to prioritze Health, Aesthetic, or Performance? I asked you to tell me which one, and why. This is the foundation of your training, recovery and nutritional needs. I wouldn’t train a Games athlete the same way I would train a body builder, or my grandfather, who wants to live to be 100. Why is this important? Because there will be temptation. Your ego will creep in, encouraging you to do things you shouldn’t, in regards to your goals. I realize the temptation to jump in with your friend who’s doing MUs today and the class WOD is just running but, fatigued gymnastics don’t align with what you told me is important. Going heavy because you “feel like it” is letting your ego sneak in and influence you. Doing a hot yoga class when you’re trying to qualify for Regionals instead of working on snatch technique. These are all examples of deviating from your given plan, for YOUR decided goals. Check your ego, trust the process, and embrace the journey.