May 9, 2018: Open Minded

Warm Up
Hip Flow
3 rounds for Quality
1 wall walk
5 squats
5 ring rows @ 22X1 tempo
accumlate 2min in down dog
Metcon (Time)
For time, using a single dumbbell:
10 weighted pull-ups
40 overhead lunges (20 each arm)
10 weighted pull-ups
30 snatches, alternating arms
10 weighted pull-ups
20 overhead squats, 10 each arm
10 weighted pull-ups
10 Turkish get-ups
10 weighted pull-ups
Be radically open-minded. Be willing to ask questions and willing to LISTEN to the answers. Take the time and make the effort to ask good questions, GREAT questions! Take a step back and ask yourself, am I doing my best to get the most out of this situation? People who are 99% full of shit can still teach you something of that 1%, if you’re willing to learn.
Even if you think* you’re sure about something, ask others whom you respect the opinion of, what they think, and actually listen to their answer. Let that answer lead you to more great questions. DIVE! Dive down deep! Then formulate an educated opinion, and test it, again and again. Be eager to be wrong, so that you might have the chance to learn, to grow, and to evolve!