May 14, 2018: Low Hanging Fruit



Odd: 2 alt. TGU
Even: 5 wall squats
Burgener Warmup:
1. Down and up (shrug/extension)
2. Elbows high and outside (high pull)
3. Muscle snatch
4. Snatch land
5. Snatch drop
6. Hang power snatch
Overhead Squat (5-5-5)
Snatch Balance (3-3-3)
Hang Squat Snatch (1-1-1)
Low hanging fruit doesn’t taste as sweet as the high hanging pieces. Setting simple, predictable goals may seem like a great idea. It almost ensures success, and therefor makes us feel good, right? Maybe. Obviously we all enjoy the completion of goals, but we also all enjoy a challenge. Positioning ourselves to win a fixed game doesn’t provide the satisfaction we want to believe it will. Find and face your fears. Know it will be challenging. Embrace the journey and all that comes along with it. You will almost certainly fail, probably multiple times, before you reach success, which makes success taste that much sweeter.