June 1, 2018 – SQUAT

5 air squats

Focus on absolute perfect mechanics. This is not for “speed” or for time. Use this it dial in technique and activate muscles.
Back Squat (5-5-5-5-5)
Why should we all be squatting more? Besides the very obvious fact that it’s a normal and fundamental human movement, we (in the westernized world) are terrible at it. We struggle to control ourselves from a stand to a seated position in a chair, a couch, or even on a toilet. We hunch over, line up our ass, and crash land onto the target. This technique isn’t sustainable – so we work on squatting to build and strengthen our leg muscles, core muscle group, and our glutes. In addition, it build balance and improves proprioception. Still not enough? How about the fact that it creates an anaerobic response, promoting body-wide muscle growth and burning off crazy amounts of calories. In summary, proper squatting will make you fitter, healthier, and get you one step closer to killer abs, a round booty, and lower body fat. IMG_9454