June 26, 2018

In a time when communication is easier and more accessible than ever before, why are we worse at it than we’ve ever been? We have nearly limitless options in terms of how we communicate and with whom we communicate, yet it’s rarer than ever to strike up a friendly conversation with a fellow human being. People send instant messages, Facebook messages, SnapChats, and struggle to maintain any form of courtesy or kindness, even in emails. Take a moment to think about the last time you spoke to someone around you. Asked them a questions besides a passing “what’s up?” in which we expect (and most people even hope for) no response. Be the difference. Create and hold the standard. Give out a friendly wave and smile, say hello to a neighbor or an unfamiliar face at the gym or at your church. Introduce yourself to someone and ask them about themselves – then LISTEN. I encourage you all to be the difference. Get out of your comfort zone and be a human.
Warm Up / Skill
5 KBS (russian)
4 FR KB back-step lunges
3 KB Front Squats
2 KB PP / arm
– rest as needed
Strength / Olympic
Clean (8min to find HEAVY set of PC + FS + HSqtCln)
Must complete the complex UB.
*At 8min, log your heaviest set.
Working Sets
Clean (4x Complex @ 85% of HEAVY set. )
Rest 2-3min b/t sets

Focus on quality here in the working sets. No misses.