July 24, 2018

When was the last time you introduced yourself to a stranger? Maybe not a total stranger on the streets, but someone at a place of common interest. Someone at cafe, someone at a bar, someone at church, or even someone at our gym? Have you ever walked into a class and wondered “who is that? how long have they been here?”

The next time that happens, walk up, smile, and introduce yourself. You don’t need to wait for a friend request, a DM, or a Like. Be a human. Be a person. Open the doors of possibility for new friendship. As adults we lose the incredible open-mindedness we once had as children. Children walk up to each other, smile, shake hands, and literally say things like “Hi, I’m Josh. Can we be friends?” As adults, we’d never attempt this possible step into social suicide. Be the difference. Introduce yourself. Smile.



5 rounds
:30 UB handstand hold
7 bench press (185/125)
:30 UB hang
7 strict pull-ups