July 26, 2018

Use rest / active rest days to make a conscious effort to recover. Take action to improve your overall health and/or performance. Here are just a few of my favorite techniques to help me make the most of my rest days:

  1. Swimming or Bike ride
    • Both of these allow us to get out of the house and potentially get outside. Don’t put restrictions or goals on these in terms of times of distance. Have fun and keep it lighthearted. Unlike running, they are low impact on the body and allow us to increase blood flow without “beating up” the body in any way.
  2. Mobility
    • Use resources to help you find stretches or techniques to increase and maintain mobility. Find techniques and movements specific to YOUR need. For me, I like to use ROMWOD and Kelly Starret’s “Supple Leopard” or Mobility WOD, and most often am working on thoracic mobility, hips, and for good measure I add in a few additional upper and lower extremity drills.
  3. Food and Supplement Prep
    • Rest Days are a great chance to set aside some time to cook in bulk for the week. Prepping a weeks worth of lunches and snacks helps me stay on track with eating right, yet still allowing me freedom in my dinners.
  4. Inflammation Control
    • Treat yourself. Massage, salt bath, contrast baths, compression (like NormaTech), and/or muscle stimulation like the MarcPro are all great options. Find which suits you best and apply it.
  5. Meditation – Mental Restoration
    • This again, can be different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you recharge your batteries. Some of my personal favorites are guided meditation from Headspace, simply lying down in the grass and connecting with myself and with nature, and using Pandora or similar to access a free “yoga/relaxation station” and just finding ANYWHERE to lie down and breath deeply while trying to clear my mind.