Is Your Warm Up Making You Weaker?

Everyone has an opinion on the best way to warm-up. Do this, don’t do that… walking the line between being “warm” and the fear of being “too tired” to actually workout, afterwards. Should we stretch? Should we do cardio? I’ll do my best to address all these questions and concerns and also shed some light

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Taking time to disconnect and enjoy a delicious croissant and coffee with my lovely wife, on our last getaway. I’m so busy… “Hey, how was your weekend” “Oh man, I was so busy” “Right on, better than the opposite though, amiright?” We wear “busy” like a badge of honor, today. Bragging that we’re so overwhelmed

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Why Goals Matter

Every coach has their own opinion on goals. Some talk about their value and importance as if training without them is completely pointless. Other coaches talk about how it can put too much stress on “athletes” and cause people to beat themselves up over shortcomings or failures. I think both of these cases can be

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Get Outside, Like Your Life Depends On It

There is endless research on the benefits of being outside. I’m not even talking about working out, outside, or running outside, or rock-climbing, just literally being outside. And if you really want to up the ante, you can walk outside. Yes, that’s correct, WALK. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect with artistic contributions

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Optimal Health and Chiropractic Care with Dr. Steve Antoniotti

CrossFit: An introduction wsg/ Callie Smith

Creatine: The Verdict

Creatine is a steroid, right? Makes you huge and results in all these gainz but, also might make you fat and bloated and like, it’s risky… really risky, right? NONE of the above is true, with the single exception that it WILL help with your gainz. Actually, it will also help with a lot more

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Whole 30 Wedge Salad / Dressing

IDGAF about your bench press

“Why don’t we bench press more often?” It’s a common question in the CrossFit world and at our gym. A once well-known benchmark of overall strength, the bench press went from being the absolute measuring stick of men, to somewhat of a back-burner piece that is hardly used in fitness, today. Here’s why… The Pros

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More isn’t Better, Better is Better

The phrase seems so obvious, cliche even. Of course better is better, how could anyone mistake that point. Yet amazingly, I see it nearly every day. Given the setting of this blog, one would assume I’m referring to specifically to training / fitness and one would be partially correct in that assumption. The aforementioned statement

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