The KSAC Difference

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

There are a LOT of CrossFit gyms in the world. And while we all share the same core tenants, we're not all the same. Yes, we all operate using CrossFit methodology, but we differ greatly in terms of programming, coaching, facilities, and overall experience. CrossFit is an investment. It's an investment in you. It's an investment in your health. Heck, it's an investment in your overall enjoyment of life! Before you make an investment like that, do your homework. Check out all the gyms in our area and find the best fit for you and your goals.

We are a School of Fitness.

Yes, our gym is a school. Kalamazoo Strength & Conditioning is not just a place to workout. On the surface, we're a place that teaches you how to move and eat correctly. But we're is so much more than that. Our gym is a place to grow physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Yes, we will make you a better athlete. But this isn't just about physical fitness. CrossFit transcends into all areas of your life and makes you more patient, resilient, mentally tough, and self-aware. We buy into concepts like higher order thinking and are committed to staying on the razor's edge of innovation.

Our Community.

The CrossFit 269 community is exceptional. From the moment you walk in for your first workout, everyone will embrace you and treat you like an old friend. Everyone will remember your name. And when you leave that day, you'll leave with a hundred new friendships that extend well beyond the walls of our gym. We regularly get together for outings, breakfasts, and other social gatherings. Our members are a special group of people. Whether you're a seasoned CrossFitter or a first timer, you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Our Coaches.

We have one of the most professional and qualified coaching staffs in the country. Not only do prospective coaches have to pass CrossFit Headquarters' seminar and exam, they also have to go through our own coaching curriculum and demonstrate that they can apply their knowledge and lead a class. All of our coaches are well-rounded and can teach everything, but most of our coaches have a specific area of expertise—we have mobility specialists, gymnastics specialists, weightlifting specialists, yoga specialists, and nutrition specialists. Our programming is all done in-house and is based on the most current research and science. We create daily programs for competitive athletes and newcomers alike.

Our Unique Membership System.

We offer several different membership packages. From one-day per week, to unlimited memberships, we have something for everybody. Our membership packages also include things that most other gyms don't offer. Have a specific question or just want to talk about your progress? We offer office hours twice a week where our head coach is available for emails, phone calls, and personal visits. Just can't seem to get your technique right on a particular movement? Our memberships include quarterly skill clinics where you can schedule a session to work one-on-one with a coach. Beyond that, we check your results daily through our member tracking system and review them with you quarterly to ensure you are progressing as intended. We also have our own customized nutrition guide that comes free with your membership. Finally, we are a professional gym that offers professional services. We perform body composition assessments, mobility screens, and nutrition consultations a la carte.