Our Purpose

It is our mission to empower others to live their lives to the fullest, and fulfill their innate human potential through health & fitness.

Core Values

  1. Professionalism - Clients and staff alike will foster a culture of consistency, dependability, and thoroughness.
  2. Enthusiasm - Clients and staff will maintain an environment that is upbeat, friendly, and full of passion.
  3. Truth - To be unrelentingly curious; to approach the world with an open mind and a sense of wonder.
  4. Mastery - The pursuit of constant improvement and unwavering commitment to our core values.
  5. Integrity - Practice what you preach. Do what you say you will do. Finish what you start.

Our Culture

Our mission and core values define our culture. Our mission statement gives us purpose. It is the why behind what we do. Our core values dictate how we do what we do. Upholding our mission and core values requires continuous effort, from both clients and staff. While not an easy undertaking, we believe the reward for doing so is greatness.

Professionalism, enthusiasm, truth, integrity, and mastery are more than just platitudes to us. These five values define every decision we make.

We believe that, to deliver the best strength and conditioning experience, both clients and staff must act in a professional manner. This means being timely, organized, prepared. We also believe that for long-term success to be achieved, our training experience must be fun. We want the hour you train with us to be the best hour of your day. We're enthusiastic about bettering ourselves through health and fitness, and sharing that knowledge to help you do the same.

Truth and mastery go hand in hand. We're passionate about finding truth. This means staying on the cutting edge of research, data mining our training sessions, and always striving to learn more. Mastery, quite simply, is always striving to be better. While mastery may be an elusive quality, that does not stop us from pursuing it. We don't just want to be strength and conditioning professionals. We want to be masters.

Integrity is the umbrella that shields our culture. We expect nothing of you we don't expect of ourselves.

If you connect with these values, you'll connect with our culture, and we invite you to join our community.